Dragon Mountain



Camp Enari Air Field 

(You can still see where the PSP laid and it has been gone for years.)

Front Gate of What use to be Camp Holloway

Looking at Camp Holloway across Rice Paddies.  

Camp Holloway has been replaced with permanent buildings with Red Tile Roofs.

Camp Holloway Front Gate

Looking out over Pleiku

"Yea" Mang Yang Pass

Gerry Sandlin, Joe Sottile (189TH/57TH AHC) George Deserres, Bob Taylor 189th AHC

No Problem I can drive this bus...hey it's smaller than mine.

Gerry Sandlin

Barry Taylor, Bobby Taylor, Joe Sottile, George Deserres

People   People   People   Everywhere

Dam, it's hot out here...Where is the AC bus???

Arrival Photo

Last Night in Saigon

189th AHC