Colorado Springs

May 3-7, 2017


Name: Last __________________First Name:_______________________ 

Name on Name Tag:____________________________________________                

Name Last:__________________ First Name:_______________________ 

Name on Name Tag_____________________________________________


Your Cell:________________  Wife’s  Cell:________________


189th AHC: Dates in unit:___________To:_________ Platoon:__________ Section:______________

604th TC Det: Dates in unit:_________To:_________ Section:________________

189th Call Sign:  _________________________________________________________

604th Call Sign:  ________________________________________________________

Other Units Assigned:_____________________________________________________

REGISTRATION FEE: $45.00 + $15.00 for each additional person that attends with you.

(Husband and wife/friend=$60.00)                                                                     TOTAL:   $________

(Registration fee includes: Welcome packet, nametags, hospitality room with drinks and snacks,

meeting rooms.)  All attendees are required to pay.


Thursday May 4, 2017:  

Modern day mule train to Ft. Carson and tour the 4th CAB at Butts Army Airfield and Ft. Carson

Museum and a surprise that we are still working on for a few lucky folks.

Transportation Cost $ $25  per person     X ______       = $_______  TOTAL:  $_________

Lunch on your own in Military Dining Facility or food court


Friday May 5, 2017: 

Modern day mule train to Garden of the Gods and the the Air Force Academy Chapel

Transportation Cost $25  per person     X ______       = $_______  TOTAL:  $_________

(Lunch on your own at the Air Force Academy club or food Court


Saturday May 6th, 2017:  Peterson AFB Air and Space Museum and WWll Aviation Museum.  

(Lunch on your own:  Transportation Cost $25       per person   X ______       = $_______   TOTAL:  $_________

WWll Aviation Museum $8 per person   X ______       = $_______   TOTAL:  $_________


Dinner Banquet:    

Seared Chicken Breast with Boursin & Artichokes with Lemon Garlic Butter

Cost $ 40.00                per person    X ______       = $_______   TOTAL:  $_________

Broiled Top Sirloin with Burgundy Mushrooms and Demi Glaze

Cost $  40.00               per person    X ______       = $_______   TOTAL:  $_________


Make check payable to 189th AHC

                                                   TOTAL AMOUNT INCLOSSED           $_______

Date Received:___________   Check Number: ______


*  Do you have any special Dietary or ADA (Handicapped) Do you have food allergies? Need of a wheelchair

ADA bath room etc.? Needs?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


If you are a vegetarian please indicate above:  Vegetarian cost will be the same as the dinner.


Name: __________________________   Wife/Other________________________________



ARRIVAL DATE: ________________   Air Line:________________ TIME:_____________Flight # _______


DEPARTURE DATE:_____________   Air Line:________________ TIME:_____________ Flight # _______ 


Arriving by POV:  Date____________   Date of Departure:_________________

If you are flying in to Colorado Springs the arrival and departure information will insure that the hotel has shuttle

services available for you upon your arrival or departure.   Shuttle service is by reservations only!  If you fail to

provide your flight information a shuttle may not be available.  By providing your flight information I will make

your reservation.  Taxi one way is $40-$50.


EMERGENCY CONTACT:  Name___________________________________ 


Relationship_____________  Phone Number:   ____-_____-______  Cell Number: ____-______-____


An EMERGENCY CONTACT IS REQUIRED IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.  It cannot be the person attending the reunion

with you.  No application will be accepted without an emergency contact.


Please Note:

We are asking you to provide an emergency contact.  We never know when an emergency may arise, therefore

to better serve you and your family we ask you to cooperate with us.  We also recommend that you bring a list

of medicines.  If you wear eyeglasses you might consider bringing a copy of your prescription.  We will not ask

for a list of your medicine or a copy of your prescription, but it is better to be prepared in the event you lose

your medicines are glasses.  (Do not put your list or prescriptions in your checked baggage.)  





If you are on a special diet or have a handicap that would require handicap accommodations we ask that you

provide that information also that we might prepare for you.  These areas must also be addressed on your

application early.  Make sure you notify the hotel when making your reservations.  ADA rooms go fast.

If you plan to bring a guest we must have their name(s) also. 


If you live in the Colorado Springs area and you and members of your family plan to attend any part of the reunion,

but do not plan to stay at the hotel you will be required to provide the 189th AHC Reunion with an application and

pay a registration fee.  The form must be filled out to include emergency contact information.  If you plan to have

dinner or attend any of the events payment must also be included.


Please Note:  All Money and reunion application must be received No Later Than 3 March 2017.


Cancellation Policy:  If you provide the 189th AHC Reunion with an application and pay the applicable fees

before 3 March 2017 you will be reimbursed all fees.  April 3 thru April 31, 2017 all fees except registration fees will

be reimbursed.  After May 1, 2017 reimbursements will be made on a case-by-case base. 


We must pay the hotel for the dinner, hospitality room, the bus company and other venues early on to hold this

reunion.  In most cases we have already paid out to these venues before you arrive for the reunion.  After we

give a final count of expected attendee’s to the venues we cannot get your money back.  We regret this, but we

 have no control over this.


Mail TO:  Gerry Sandlin – 189th AHC PO Box 638 Vinemont, AL  35179  before March 3, 2017. 

Make check to 189th AHC

For more information call:  256-531-7830 most any place in the world.          

E-mail gerry.sandlin@gmail.com


189th AHC