January 2021


Greetings; Ghost Riders, Avengers, Caretakers, friends, and family.  Happy New Year.  I hope this finds each of you well and safe.  Will this Pandemic ever get over with?  Perhaps when everyone gets the vaccines.


As we start the New Year of 2021 we continue in Lockdown or stay at home.  This is getting old, but it is better than the ultimate price.  Continue to follow health guidelines and stay safe.  We have received word that a few have tested positive for Covid-19.  Others are sick with other medical problems.  We pray that if there are more that they will recover quickly.  Does anyone know when we will be able to take a bath?  I am getting tired of just washing my hands.  It sure seems strange walking into a bank with a mask on.


189th AHC Reunion:  Last week I contacted the hotel in DC about our 2021 reunion.  I was informed that limited attendance and social distancing with mask were still the rule.  They expect and hope that the Governor will lift some of the restrictions by Spring.  But with the Pandemic continuing to affect so many people especially mature folks like me, I do not know whether to go ahead with plans for a reunion this year or not.  I would like your feedback.  PLEASE!  I would like for it to be a safe and healthy reunion and that we can enjoy ourselves not just sit around six feet away and with a mask on.


Since we have been staying in place or lock down what have you done to pass the time?  For Bobbye and I we sent Satellite TV packing and replaced it with an Amazon Fire Stick and subscribed to Hula.  We get the TV channels that we were watching and movies.  We have watched old TV Series, western movies and many other things and we enjoy it better than satellite.   Bobbye watches her programs and movies and leaves me to watch what I want.


I have received two Death Notices in the last week.  James Wiles passed away January 7, 2021 and Harrison Darnell January 16, 2021.  I did not have any information on James Wiles, so I do not know when he served with the 189th.  Darnell served with the 189th from October 68 to May 69.  Darnell, I knew and thought a lot of him.  He tested positive for Covid and had been sick from other medical problems.



Pilots Perch: 

Dear brothers - Pilots and faithful Crewmembers:

We always shared our experiences with “close calls” while flying in Vietnam because we knew that others would find themselves in the same situation sooner or later and we wanted them to know how we acted/reacted and survived. So, it still is!

Here is my latest close call: Beth and I found were diagnosed as COVID-19 positive in mid-October of last year. Our doctor would not see us, only said get relief from over-the-counter items such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  Luckily, our pastor’s wife was not willing to let us suffer so she called around and found a doctor who would do tele-health and prescribe medication based on our needs. We called that doctor and she prescribed hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin along with zinc and Vitamin C and Vitamin D. This protocol of simple medications was effective and in short order we were both well again. Beth has been suffering some asthma so was sensitive to the COVID-19 infection. She knew within three hours that her chest felt better and three days later she was symptom free. I didn’t have as severe a case, but I too was symptom free in about 3 days. Two weeks later we had regained our strength and our energy. It was not until October 30th that the AMA finally changed their recommendation and admitted that this protocol was effective against COVID-19. We sure agree with that.

The doctor who came to our rescue asked us to write our testimony so she could confront all the misleading/bad information that had been spewed against the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin protocol. I am happy to share my testimony with anyone who asks. I do not want any more innocent people to die of this pandemic when this simple protocol exists. After the fact we found out that hydroxychloroquine has been used for over 60 years and patients support it use. Beth’s cousin has used it for years to relieve her rheumatoid arthritis.

Stay healthy guys! We are becoming the “elderly population” that is most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. But we do not need to let it get us down.

Regards to all, Steve Schmidt (“Silver Lead” – 1st A/L Platoon)


Gerry’s travels:

Our travels have been extremely limited.  We take an occasional drive to just to get out of the house.  There seems to be only so much Tv one can stand.  We had reservations for Biloxi, Mississippi for January, and February but due to the Pandemic decided to just stay home.  No use going down there and sit in the motor home and not enjoy our fellow RVers.  Hopefully, we can get out later in the year for some fun.  We have not taken the vaccine yet.  Bobbye is on a waiting list and I am waiting to talk to my doctor.   

It is our prayer and hope that everyone will stay safe and healthy in the coming days.  Stay safe and do not forget to wash those hands and wear your mask. 

Your brother, Gerry



 189th AHC