Wite House info Packet Rcvd Name Spouse/other Company/SectionPlt Years Arival Departure Email
Yes Yes Allen, David Carol 189th AHC Maintenance 9/66-4-68 3-Oct 7-Oct dwavanguard@aol.com
Yes Yes Badder, Frank Pam 189th AHC 5/70-11/70 3-Oct 7-Oct cw4pappy@satx.rr.com
Yes Yes Boudreaux, Ronald Delia Friends 3-Oct 7-Oct
Yes Yes Brannen, Bob Paula 189th AHC 6/69-11/70 3-Oct 7-Oct brannenrobert@att.net
Yes Yes Brannen, David Paula 189th AHC Maintenance 6/69-11/70 3-Oct 7-Oct brannenrobert@att.net
No Yes Carrilo, Gil Pearl 189th AHC & Avengers 2/68-3/69 3-Oct 9-Oct gil187@aol.com
No Cockrell, Gordon Lisa 189th 2/70-3/71 4-Oct 7-Oct cloudtoucher2@yahoo.com
Yes Dalfonzo, Joe 604th 10/68-11/69
yes Darnell, Harrison 189th 10/68-5/69
Yes Yes Degarmo, Thomas Charlotte 189th AHC 1/68-3/70 3-Oct 7-Oct degarmocharlotte@gmail.com
Yes Yes Dunning, Ward Renee 189th 1st Airlift 3/70-3/71 3-Oct 7-Oct reeniebee@comcast.net
Yes yes Ellis, Joe Wanda 189th AHC 2nd Airlift 11/68-12/69 3-Oct 8-Oct mymailellisjw@gmail 
Yes Yes Fuhr Larry Mary Lyn 52d Pathfinder Det 67-69 1-Oct 7-Oct larryfuhr@cableone.net
Yes Yes Geistdorfer, Dave Janyce 189th 68-69 3-Oct 7-Oct snake4arm@comcast.net
yes Yes Gentry, Frank Elaine 189th AHC Maintenance 5/69-3/70 3-Oct 7-Oct ct2189ahc@hotmail.com
Yes Yes Gillis, Travis "TO" Melba 189th AHC Avengers 6/68-5/69 2-Oct 7-Oct togillis@yahoo.com
Yes Grubbs, Dale Laura 189th AHC 5/69-12/70 3-Oct 7-Oct grubbs46@comcast.net
yes yes Hall, Gary  Paulette 189th AHC 1st airlift 10/69-10/70 3-Oct 7-Oct hallgw@aol.com
Yes Yes Hogenmiller, Tom Julia 189th AHC 1st airlift 3/69-11/69 3-Oct 7-Oct tjhogenmiller@bellsouth.net
Yes Yes Holt, Bill Susan 189th 5/70-9/71 3-Oct 7-Oct susanholt34@gmail.com
No Hughes Spence ? 3-Oct 7-Oct
Yes Yes Huskisson, James  Phyllis 189th AHC 2ND Airlift 67-68 3-Oct 7-Oct phyllis0206@sbcglobal.net
Yes Yes Ivey, Ray Ruth 189th AHC Maintenance 4/69-4/70 2-Oct 8-Oct azleiv@aol.com
Yes Yes Jividen, Mike Ruth 189th AHC Operations 1/70-7/70 3-Oct 7-Oct bkeyemike@aol.com
Yes Yes Johnson, Neal Shirley 189th  2Nd Airlift 3/70-2/71 3-Oct 7-Oct nej51@comcast.net
yes Yes Kennah, Larry 189th AHC Maintenance 5/67-5/68 3-Oct 7-Oct lkennah@aol.com
Yes Yes LaCoursiere, Michael 189th AHC Avengers 11/66-7/67 3-Oct 7-Oct mikelac@comcast.net
Yes Yes Latham, Mark Janet 189th AHC Operations 1/70-12/70 3-Oct 7-Oct poolboylatham@gmail.com
yes Leopold, Reynolds 189th AHC Maintenance 7/69-6/70 3-Oct 7-Oct None
Yes Leva, Neil Susan Ghostrider 6 189th AHC 1/68-6/68 3-Oct 7-Oct vcco9@att.net 
yes Yes Luhtanen, Larry Colleen 604th Trans Det 11/66-5/68 3-Oct 7-Oct lluhtane@yahoo.com
yes Yes Madich, Bob Candy 189th AHC Maintenance 9/69-9/70 3-Oct 7-Oct 57thahcgladiator.gmail.com
Yes yes Main, David 189th 3/69-2/70 3-Oct 8-Oct david_main21@yahoo.com
yes Yes Malenk, Eddy 189th AHC Maintenance 4/67-12/67 3-Oct 6-Oct emalenk@yahoo.com
Yes yes Matherne, Johnny Lindia 189th 2nd Airlift 70-71 3-Oct 7-Oct peppi434@yahoo.com
yes Yes McAtee, Skip 189th 2nd Airlift 9/69-2/70 3-Oct 7-Oct skip101ks@yahoo.com
Yes Yes McMullen, Norm Marg 189th Avengers 7/68-2/69 3-Oct 8-Oct normmcm@gmail.com
Yes Yes Miller, John  189th AHC Maintenance 11-66-4-68 3-Oct 7-Oct edmjohn@charter.net
No Yes Murray, Albert D. Connie 189th 7/69-7/70 3-Oct 7-Oct clmeven@yahoo.com
Yes Yes Perez, George Sarah 189th AHC 2nd Airlift 12/68-12/69 3-Oct 9-Oct gperez670@gmail.com
Yes Yes Pickens, Dave Darlene 189th AHC 2nd Airlift 11/69-11/70 3-Oct 7-Oct vet22b@yahoo.com
Yes Philibosian Emil 52nd Pathfinder Det 11/69-12/70 3-Oct 8-Oct ephilibosian@aol.com
Yes Yes Plath, Dale 189th AHC Maintenance 12/68-12/69 3-Oct 7-Oct beccaterpening@att.net 
Yes Yes Primmer, Lawrence Gail 189th 6/69-8/70 3-Oct 6-Oct primmersen@yahoo.com
yes Riemer, Jim 189th 11/66-3/68 jriemer000@gmail.com
yes Yes Reisinger, Chuck 604th Trans Company 5/68-5/69 cnreisinger@yahoo.com 
Yes Yes Rutherford, Vergil Kathy 189th AHC 2nd Airlift 69-70 3-Oct 9-Oct ghostrider295@comcast.net
Yes yes Sale, David Cathy 189th 3-Oct 7-Oct davesale64@gmail.com
yes Salonich, John Linda Nici 189th 1970 3-Oct 7-Oct johns@venturi-aeration.com 
yes yes Sanders, Bobby Sons 189th Ghost Rider 6 1967 3-Oct 7-Oct bsanders3@nc.rr.com
Yes Yes Sandlin, Gerry Bobbye & Sue 189th AHC 2nd AL & Supply 11/66-5/68 2-Oct 8-Oct gerry.sandlin@gmail.com
No Yes Saunders, Bill Marianne 189th AHC 2nd Airlift 1/70-12/70 5-Oct 7-Oct wsaunders1004@yahoo.com
Yes Yes Schiemann, Edward Debbie 189 AHC Avengers 3/1970-7/1970 3-Oct 7-Oct Schiemann@doeren.com
Yes Seago, Jerry Barbara 189th
Yes Yes Sewell, Lee  Patsy 189th AHC  1st Airlift & Avengers 67-68 3-Oct 7-Oct leesewell@msn.com
Yes Smith, Cindy  (Carrilo) Friend of Gil & Pearl 3-Oct 9-Oct
Yes Yes Sperry, Terry Jackie 189th AHC Maintenance 4/69-4/70
Yes Yes Taylor, Bob Cousin Barry 189th AHC & 604th/ 577 ENG Bn 3/68-5/69 3-Oct 7-Oct bdtaylor_2000@yahoo.com
Yes Yes Welch, Lonnie Pat 189th AHC 2nd Airlift/Opns 11/66-5/68 2-Oct 7-Oct ljwelch_2000@yahoo.com
Yes Yes Wilson, Joe Wanda Ewell 189th AHC Avengers 2/69-2/70 3-Oct 8-Oct
No Wilson, Troy ? 3-Oct 8-Oct
Yes Womack, Gene Yuriko 189th AHC Hqs 7/70-12/70   powmia1971@gmail.com

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