MAY 2020


Greetings; Ghost Riders, Avengers, Caretakers, friends and family. 


Due to the Cronavirus pandemic, the 2020 reunion is rescheduled.   After I received your survey results from April 30 to May 4, 2020, I weighed the remarks from each of you and looked at the various Expert Opinions and I have decided to reschedule the 189th AHC Reunion.  The decision does not come lightly but, as public health concerns and social-distancing mandates expected to span into the summer months.  Based on our age and underlying health issues I feel that this is best for each of us.  I have explored several avenues to move forward with the 189th AHC Reunion in its current form, and the final decision was not made lightly. The fact is the health and well-being of our members, and supporters remain our priority, and we will not put any of you at risk. Social distancing may be the new norm.  The current COVID-19 situation has brought about changes to all of our daily lives.  Social distancing has forced all of us to rethink how we perform many of our daily activities.  Meetings and Reunions have being canceled, and businesses have been forced to either close doors or significantly alter how they deliver service or products.  Between stay at home orders across the country, travel bans or restrictions, and social distancing standards, it became clear that it was in the best interest for the health and welfare of each of you that we must reschedule this year's Reunion.  I am sorry.  We thank you for your understanding and continued support. 


We have rescheduled the 189th AHC Reunion for October 6-10, 2021 at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport in Herndon, VA.  In the coming months we will work on tours again.  We do want to do a tour of the New Army Museum and several more.  I am thinking of a surprise tour if we can get it arranged.  More information will be forth coming in the months ahead.


Pilots Perch:  Steve Schmidt (“Silver Lead” – 1st A/L Platoon) Dear brother pilots and faithful crewmembers:  Hi to all! This Coronavirus thing is getting old.  Being isolated, Missing family, Helping neighbors, It is all adding up to another adventure in our lives.  Who would believe we’d continue being in isolation this long?  But it is better than being stationed in South East Asia for a year. I think the best thing to happen to me during this pandemic situation is finding that I have very special neighbors. We are actually working together on projects (maintaining our social distancing and other health recommendations) that help the whole neighborhood. And those neighbors are interesting people. They don’t quite know how to relate to a Vietnam vet, but they accept me as I am. In fact, we are blessed to be living in a neighborhood where there are lots of vets (Afghanistan, Iraq, Beirut, etc.) so feel at peace.  Our hearts go out to anyone who has suffered this COVID-19 virus and we pray that you have received the medical treatment to get you thru it. We pray for your good health.  It will be nice to see the family again when the rules are relaxed a little. Stay healthy. Keep in touch with our 189th brothers. We’ll get thru this and later, when telling of it, we will recall that we survived the 2020 famine of toilet paper and paper towels.  Regards to all.


News From The Orphanage:  By: Patrick Leary, Avenger III.  As of today (2 May) Vietnam has announced a general easing of the lock down rules.  All the kids will be returning to school on Monday the 4th of May.   The college students have been called back and will spend a week doing a thorough cleaning of the various schools they attend before classes start.  The grade school and high school kids will have to wear masks, hand washing stations have been set up in the schools, recess will be restricted and school release will be programmed so that the kids are released a few at a time to discourage “grouping”.   There have been no reported illnesses in the orphanage community. I have no reports about Pleiku or Kontum in general.   I am suspect that after 3 plus months of home schooling 850 kids that the nuns may celebrate with “moderate” quantities of Sr Gabriel’s famous Banana Wine.  I invite you to the media section of our WEB site. I have posted videos, pictures and letters from the kids to document what they have been doing the last few months.  WWW.Friendsofvso.org The Sisters and the kids are most thankful for our support, 50 years ago as well as today. They want you to know we are in their prayers.  


Manifest and Memorial Page.  We strive to update both pages often.  We cannot do it without your help.  Each newsletter I ask you to look at the web pages and see if your information is correct.  I go into the web site and see that only about 10% of you check your information.  Please update me on any Changes.  Just go to http://189thahc.org/ and click on the Memorial Page or Manifest.  Read some of the stories or check out some of the previous reunions. 


Have you joined us on FaceBook?  The 189th has a page on FaceBook and it is another means to correspond with one another and keep up with what is happening.  Just go to Face book and click on 189th AHC Ghostriders and Avengers  or copy and paste https://www.facebook.com/groups/164947603652942/?ref=group_header


From Gerry:  I know many of you are getting tired of staying home.  Hey I am sure the dog and cat will be glad when you can get out also as they can’t play like they want to with you home talking to them all of the time.  Just to go out and sit down in a restaurant and look around the table and see your friends will be a change over the last few weeks.  But I am sure that is going to be awhile and they keep saying us old people still need to stay in some more.  I am tired of seeing the young lady put our things from Wal-Mart into the car and not being able to see her smiling face.  But I am sure most of you are like me having underlying health problems.  I don’t think I would survive especially if I had to go on the ventilator because I would panic from the airway tube.  So I am sure that some of you are like  me.   We are all in this together.  So hunker down for awhile longer.  Stay safe and we send each and every one of you our prayers and our love.  Life has to get better.  Gerry & Bobbye



 189th AHC